I do not see my country in shipping option, do you ship worldwide?

Yes, if you are not able to see your country in shipping option, please let as know and we will notify you how much it will costs.

Send us email about shipping to your country to info@mymegin.com


Do you ship to my country? And what about customs?

We ship worldwide! We offer several carrier options including GLS to EU countries and Slovak Post for International.

Please note that some countries charge a customs fee for imported items. If you are ordering from abroad, please know your country's current import fees and be prepared to pay them. 

As the importer, you are responsible for that cost.


How long will it take for me to get my package(s)?

It depends where is the package shipped. You will get tracking number, so you will see exactle where your item is!

Shipping options include GLS and Slovak Post depending upon your location and desired timeframe. We resoundingly suggest GLS for more secure and reliable deliveries, better lost package claims processing, and more helpful customer service.  


If I order multiple products, will it be shipped in one package?

Sure. If no, we will notify you!


What time are items normally delivered?

If you have any questions about where your package is (e.g. it's been delayed or redirected), please contact GLS or Slovak Post directly and have your tracking number ready.

We do not have any further information regarding the whereabouts of packages once they have left our warehouse


Where are my orders coming from?

We are shipping from Slovakia, Europe.


I made a mistake on my delivery address, what should I do?

Contact us via email at info@mymegin.com. In the message, please include your order number, name and surname.

Can I return an item and exchange it for a different one?

Sure, no problem. Just let us know if we have exact model and variation you want before return.